Retail and large business

Grimey's record store

Grimey's needed a new website overhaul. Their previous website required custom code to be written every week, and they wanted an easier way to update the site every week.

I listened to the owner's needs and struggles, and designed a functional, responsive site with an easy-to-update system that he and the rest of his employees could easily understand and control. I built the site in SquareSpace with a small bit of custom code to change some banners and styling around.

The new website has seen over 10-20,000 views since launching, and has caused their newsletter numbers to grow exponentially. Since the launch, we've also added e-commerce to the site so they can sell T-Shirts and possibly records later on.

Howlin' Books 

Rotier's Restaurant


Bloom Nashville Salon

Stress Knot Massage

Musicians and artists

Heather Batchelor needed a redesign for her new EP and album coming out later this year. Click to visit the new site.

Heather Batchelor needed a redesign for her new EP and album coming out later this year. Click to visit the new site.


Brineaboy, an electronic band, did not have a website when I met them. They had a Facebook page, but wanted to be able to sell merch and have a simple site online to showcase new music and content. They also wanted to blog regularly.

I built a simple SquareSpace site for the band, featuring great photos of them and linking their outside merch page to it, as well as adding a blog for them to regularly update.

Since launch, the band has seen more gigs get added and are touring more regularly than before.

Kaleb Jones

Stuart Brown Photography

Tequila nylon


ecommerce jewelry

My Jewelry Fairy

Dawn had some things fleshed out for her jewelry business, but the site was still unorganized, and she was having trouble getting products to show correctly.

Through training via screenshare, Dawn and I worked together on organizing her products, and allowing for several variants within SquareSpace's product descriptions. We also chose a new template and made the site much cleaner for her visitors.

Since launch, Dawn's sales have grown 50%.

"I am a stickler for promptness, and have logged in about 3 minutes before our meetings, and Justin has already been there ready to go. He has a comfortable demeanor and set me at ease quickly. He has been very helpful in this process." - Dawnmarie Carr

Dayne Barkley: health coach

Mallory swain: health coach

churches and blogs


Rachael Howarth (Blog)

Rachael did not have a blog, but was writing regularly on Facebook. She wanted a place online to send her followers so they could read her chapters of her book before she published.

Over two weeks, I designed a modern blog with SEO optimization to help her site show up on Google. I also implemented summary blocks to gain more traction on her front page. 

Since launch, Rachael has seen over 30,000 views on her writing, as well as been offered a book deal for her upcoming devotional.

Home Church Nashville

Celebration Church Tupelo

I’m a church planter and pastor in Tupleo, MS. Our church plant has been working with Justin since May of this year. He has been helping us in taking our church website to the next level. To say we are satisfied with Justin’s work would be an understatement. He has been easy to work with and he has went above and beyond to understand our culture. We would highly recommend him and any business would greatly benefit from his services!
— Rob Sevilla, Celebration Church