Loved working with Justin! He turned technology into a piece of cake... and I sure know what to do with cake :) I really appreciated all the training and how simple he made it for me to learn how to manage my website. I definitely recommend him if you’re in the market for a smart looking website.
— Dana Olson (danaolsonart.com)
Justin is great! It’s been really nice working with him. He’s easy to get in touch with and he’s quick to make changes that look good and clean. Nice work!
— MaryAnn Keen, BMI (mauisongwritingfestival.com)
Justin gave Asbury Church in Madison, WI an incredible website and better yet gave us the tools to continue to improve it afterwards. All at a price that was very affordable. He’s incredibly easy to work with and I recommend him without hesitation.
— Carter Baldwin (asburymadison.com)
Justin not only set up an amazing website for my bolos, but he also told me how to do everything myself. I am now able to make small changes and updates to my website whenever I please! Justin rocks!!
— Mary Jennings (nosasscreations.com)
Working with Justin was great! He is efficient, helpful, responsive, diligent and kind. His design sense is instinctive and clean. I’d recommend him to anyone a thousand times over!
— Kaleb Jones (kalebjones.com)
Justin not only had great technical knowledge of Squarespace but was also able to quickly discern what I was looking for and help implement it. We didn’t have enough time to get everything done in an hour but in my opinion my site looks 1000% better than it did. And I have every intention to book some more sessions with him to finish tweaking the site. Totally worth my time to work with him.

I came away with a site that looked markedly better by an order of magnitude plus, more knowledge about Square Space that I can continue to use in the future. However, the next time I need help with the site, I will just contact Justin again. Vastly more efficient way to get things done. That way I can worry about content instead of tweaking the site.
— Anthony Arcis, anthonyarcis.com (with DesignLive)
I spent a month trying to find a company who does what DesignLive does - I wanted somebody I could hire for a short period of time, with a reasonable price, who could teach me about my Squarespace site, and who could do everything “live” instead of waiting weeks for a designer to get around to making changes. DesignLive is absolutely perfect for my needs, and I was very impressed that Justin jumped right in from the moment we began our session, and he was able to make lots of suggestions, and even took control with making little improvements that made my site look a lot better. I’ll definitely be using DesignLive and Justin again!
— Chris Pettit, adollarmakesadifference.com (with DesignLive)
I am a stickler for promptness, and have logged in about 3 minutes before our meetings, and Justin has already been there ready to go.... he has a comfortable demeanor and set me at ease quickly. He has been very helpful in this process.
— Dawn Marie Carr, myjewleryfairy.com (with DesignLive)
I am very thankful to have found Design Live and Justin. Justin gave my site polish and a much higher level of design in an hour, while taking the time to teach me as he went. I usually don’t complete surveys, but this was an excellent experience. I wish I had found Design Live sooner.
— Chrissa Ventrelle, chrissaventrelle.com (with DesignLive)
This service rocks! I’m up and running! I had a solid list of questions that I needed answering and Justin followed me down the list answering them like bang bang bang. It was sweet to have my problems handled so fast and to be left feeling confident that I know what I’m doing now. Along the way, he also informed me of many things that I hadn’t considered that made the site more professional. I’m very impressed and satisfied.
— Michael Huskey, brightbloods.com (with DesignLive)
Thank you Justin for your time and the great service that you did for me today. I will now do my part in getting the site ready for our final one hour session. You know your way around the SquareSpace platform.
— Stuart Brown, stueybrownphotography.com (with DesignLive)
Justin was great . I had some concerns about going with a designer, I assumed it would take forever and cost a lot more for what I wanted done. Justin was able to guide set my site up in great time and help me better understand how Squarespace works. I plan on booking him again and would suggest anyone else do the same.
— Sean Newsome (with DesignLive)
Fantastic experience! I got honest feedback from an unbiased party with ways to improve my website. We adjusted a TON of fonts and content in just an hour. I am beyond impressed!
— Brooke Bryand, photographer (with DesignLive)
Justin did a great job with my website. Excellent work, very reasonable also.
— Dr. Chris Chalk, thecraftmedicalwriting.com (with DesignLive)
Justin is fantastic because he is a great listener and a great problem-solver. I am so excited about my client’s website!
— Pratishtha Singh (with DesignLive)
Justin was excellent. He gave advice on changes we could make, made the changes and explained things in a manner that a person with no web development experience could understand.
— Steven Franklin (with DesignLive)
Justin was easy-going yet very attentive to questions. I learned a lot during my first session with him.
— Darcy P. (with DesignLive)
Fantastic experience! I got honest feedback from an unbiased party with ways to improve my website. We adjusted a TON of fonts and content in just an hour. I am beyond impressed!
— Brooke Baynard, Photographer (with DesignLive)
Justin was very friendly and had a great sense of humor. He was professional and patient and quickly navigated the creation of my website. Our work is not complete but I am extremely satisfied with our progress in the initial session. Very productive.
— Donna K. (with DesignLive)
Justin was amazing. He helped me review my site, select a new template, and did the initial clean up of the formatting. I look forward to working with him again when my content is finished and ready to finalize for a live launch. Justin is super easy to talk with and understood the goals I outlined in my session booking. Great job!
— Jeff Jackson (with DesignLive)