“I am very thankful to have found Justin. Justin gave my site polish and a much higher level of design in a few hours, while taking the time to teach me as he went along."

- Chrissa Ventrelle

Chrissa Ventrelle

As a young author from San Francisco, Chrissa Ventrelle had been writing for years before April 2017 when she was getting ready to release her first book, May It Be: Growing A Genuine Life. She had a website, but wasn't sure how she could use it to her advantage to grow the audience that would read it.

Chrissa found me as a website designer because she was anxious to get her website working well for her upcoming book launch.

In just a few hours, we took her basic website with not a ton of content and added a beautiful intro on her home page, an events page for RSVPs to her book launch and upcoming events, testimonials about her book, and some great ways to sell her book through Amazon and her website.

Shortly after we launched her site, Chrissa had a very successful book launch and saw huge gains on her website. She went from next to no visits to almost 300 new views in the month of April. We then met up again to go over how to set up Mailchimp so she could send out informative newsletters to her fans and readers, and let them know about upcoming events.

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Tequila nylon

Alex Hill, known by his production name Tequila Nylon, needed help with creating a place online for selling his beats, and getting new leads for production projects.

Alex was referred to me through Mallory Swain, a health coach in the area, and Alex chose me to help with his music site, due to my extensive background in music business and the music industry. 

Building this from scratch, after hearing Alex's vision for selling and promoting his business, I was able to create several pages that conveyed the style he goes for with his music. A dark, brooding style that matches his music was just what he needed. In just a few weeks, I was able to help Alex build a site that features testimonials from people he's worked with, an ecommerce platform he is able to keep updated with his current inventory, sell merch, and give away free music. We've also created a full contact form that allows potential customers to reach out to him with ideas for their projects, and connected his Soundcloud where he features his diverse styles of beats. This has all been incorporated to his site to make it a fluid visit and connection for any potential leads or customers.