Daye Jack, No Data


(WARNER BROS) - MARCH 24, 2017

With features from Denzel Curry, Grim Dave, and female emcee DonMonique, Nigerian-born but Atlanta-raised rapper Daye Jack brings a lot more than just new hip-hop to his debut album. Imagine if Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar had a music lovechild. "Finish Line" is a perfectly pop styled tune mixed with some fantastic lyrical content. It's a brilliant mix of soul, R&B, funk, and stylistic hip-hop. For his concept album, Daye Jack speaks every once in a while to an AI robot named Sam that regularly tells him there's "no data" for how to do what he wants to do. So he needs to make his path for himself. 

Standout tracks: "Supernatural", "No Data", "Deep End"

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