Jamiroquai, Automation


(VIRGIN EMI) - MARCH 31, 2017

Easily one of the best funk electronic bands in years, the UK dance powerhouse returns 7 years after their last record. With just as much funk, soul, R&B and more packed in as they possibly can, Jamiroquai showcase why they're the best in the game. It's clear that Bruno Mars had to take some hints from them with his latest record. If you want to hear some of the originators of the game, get this record. A deep, riveting, love song filled record at its core, the album has futuristic undertones while firmly hanging onto the funk. Some free form jazz sneaks in as well, but it's never far off from what the band really wants to make known. The funk.

Standout tracks: "Superfresh", "Summer Girl"

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Daye Jack, No Data


(WARNER BROS) - MARCH 24, 2017

With features from Denzel Curry, Grim Dave, and female emcee DonMonique, Nigerian-born but Atlanta-raised rapper Daye Jack brings a lot more than just new hip-hop to his debut album. Imagine if Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar had a music lovechild. "Finish Line" is a perfectly pop styled tune mixed with some fantastic lyrical content. It's a brilliant mix of soul, R&B, funk, and stylistic hip-hop. For his concept album, Daye Jack speaks every once in a while to an AI robot named Sam that regularly tells him there's "no data" for how to do what he wants to do. So he needs to make his path for himself. 

Standout tracks: "Supernatural", "No Data", "Deep End"

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Smino, blkswn



A brand-new player into the hip-hop game, St. Louis rapper Smino combines low key, low fi beats with his fast, intricate flows for some stellar music. It's trap, but much more calm and inviting, mixing some soul, jazz and R&B. Boasting 18 tracks, the first half has a very laid back feel, but as soon as "B Role" hits, the harder hip-hop style gives a new dimension to his tunes. Chock full of features, each verse adds upon the last one and there's a lot of female power on this record as well in the features.

Standout tracks: "Anita", "Father Son Holy Smoke", "Blkoscars"

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Bearcubs, Underwaterfall EP

Bearcubs, Underwaterfall EP

(Self-Released through All Points) - March 10, 2017

Mixing some trap with down-tempo electronic, Bearcubs ends up sounding like an evolved version of SBTRKT with just as good production and on par vocal concepts. While it's only a four-song EP, the grooves have a haunting feel and keep you listening over and over. Easily one to get lost in.

Standout track: "False Mirrors"

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Slaptop, With You

Slaptop, With You (Sunsquad Records) - March 3, 2017

After releasing more than 7 singles within the calendar year of 2016, creating significant buzz in the Soundcloud and EDM community, and developing some beautiful music video projects for several cuts, the debut full length from newcomer Slaptop arrives. Likely one of the lesser known releases for the start of March, don't pass this up. Futuristic dance infuses with modern EDM and several guest appearances to make for a powerful debut, and none of the 7 cuts previously released show up here, meaning we've received 11 new cuts from this powerful producer. Certainly on the high trajectory in 2017.

Standout tracks: "Panama" and "Palm"

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