Taelor Gray, In The Way Of Me

Taelor Gray, In The Way Of Me (Self-Released) - February 24, 2017

Releasing a Pledgemusic duo album with his gospel-centric soul singing brother Christon Gray a couple weeks ago didn't slow this up and coming rapper down at all. The follow-up to his breakout record The Mocker and The Monarch, this new record is another solid 10 tracks of soul, R&B, and pivotal hip-hop with forceful lyrical content, designed to make you think twice about your life. Featuring his brother as well as stellar production from some of the best up and coming hip-hop producers in the game, a standout cut is "Me Verses Me", which features Swoope, Kishon Furlow and Kai. Mesmerizing beats abound, and the content is keeping it 100 across the board. 

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